Monday, June 30, 2014

Big News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So in February I took a big leap of faith and submitted a piece I wrote on being a paramedic to the CBC Canada Writes nonfiction contest.  I have not submitted anything to actual writing contests or for publication since 1999 when I was in the Creative Writing program at UVic (only for one year before switching back to English Lit at another university).  I have very little faith in the merits of my writing~but my good friend Tamie who is a REAL writer had encouraged me to get this particular piece published, so I went for it.  She actually encouraged me to publish it about five years ago, and I just got around to it this year  =)

I polished the piece a bit including slashing it in half to meet the maximum word count but I'm a terrible editor so when I go back and read it now, it just seems like a hot mess.  Most artists wallow around in self doubt; I've dug myself a burrow in it.  And convinced myself I'm awful.

This year, I leapt.  And last Friday I got a letter.  It said my piece made the long list of entrants which means that out of several thousand pieces, mine made the TOP 35!!!!!  This is wild.  Like, this contest is a pretty big deal in Canada.  FUCKING EH!!!

Here's a link.  To see my name published on the CBC Canada Writes website.

DYING of happiness.



Louise Chapman said...

Yahoo!!! Way to go, friend! Must read it now.

Louise Chapman said...

Saw your name. Keep us posted on the short list. Is there any way to actually read it?

melissa v. said...

Not yet! It has to reach the contest deadline before anyone can read it.