Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Canada Day

So Canada Day started off well, with a 4:30 call from dispatch to do this:

To fly over this:

And go here:

Later, after a crazy call and several hours of cleaning and restocking, I went home and we went to the local Canada Day festivities with these guys.... (and the fascist, who refused to be photographed)

Local festivities are considerably lower key than ones we have attended in the past, but had the super amazing perk of offering free airplane rides for the kids (!!!) ---Here are Riley and Ayden in the plane ready for takeoff... Riley blew me kisses as they taxied down the runway.  So cute!

Then we finished off with hot dogs and corn on the cob, and Brent took the kids to a movie and I went back to work.  Woohoo!! 

During the previous night's shift I had only about 2 hours of sleep so while we were waiting for the boys' airplane ride I had a nap in the van.  I'm not a napper.  I have a hard enough time sleeping at night let alone sleeping during the day, and I have too much energy to make naps realistic.  But that day I slept semi reclined in the front seat of our van with my face smashed in the upholstered arm of the chair, for an hour.  In the heat.  I was so fucking tired.

Happy Canada Day!

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Tamie said...

Ah, the fascist. I love that nickname. :) Ariel's a fascist too. That is for sher.

Your life is pretty sweet. I'm so glad. So very glad.

And Ayden looks SUPER old. He's practically in college!